Diving the C56 Again!

January 15, 2022

I love diving the C-56 in Puerto Morelos as I still have yet to take a good wreck shot. I think these shots were a bit better but not yet National Geographic ready!

Diver Wreck Wreck Front

This time I focused more on getting shots with people in it. Delphine 😄

Thanks to my dive buddies for allowing me to take photos of them!

Plus the boat captain, Mr. Rana, accidently took a shot of me which I thought was so cool!

G diver

Here’s the rest of the pics of my January wreck dive with OmDelfin

Hasta luego 👋!

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Written by Generosa Litton who lives and works in San Francisco, CA and Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Posts are dedicated to my late nephew, Sean Litton.

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